• Timber frame houses


    Diverse project offer and wide project customisation options.

  • Individual house planning


    We offer ready-made house designs, as well as individual house planning and construction in the area of up to 150 m2.

  • Energy efficient wooden houses


    Our goal is to create a healthy and environmentally friendly space for living and for work.

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    About us

    “Skala Houses” team has more than 16 years of experience in the construction of wooden houses. Wooden houses that we offer are designed and built in accordance with the basic principles of sustainability, healthy lifestyle and green philosophy. “Skala Houses” team consists of professionals, who will provide the construction of your new house from the foundation till the handing over of the keys.

    In the construction of wooden houses we use modern technologies and environmentally friendly building materials. The production of raw materials for the construction of wooden houses takes place in our own production premises, ensuring consistently high quality of all house construction elements.

    The wooden houses we offer are designed to provide a high-quality environment for living and for work, at the same time using space and resources efficiently and intelligently.

    The goal of “Skala Houses” is to create a healthy and environmentally friendly space for living and for work.

    Our projects

    The modular houses we offer are a smart and safe alternative to living in an apartment.

    Weather conditions do not affect the construction of the house, therefore we provide the construction of houses at any time in the entire territory of Latvia. The houses we offer are architecturally designed using modern construction and finishing materials to make them suitable for the majority of land plots.


    The houses offered by “Skala Houses” stand out with their modern layout planning, high energy efficiency, flexible use of space and planning options. Our modular houses are constructed of high-quality timber and high-quality materials are used at all building stages. By reducing the living space and by using it efficiently, it is possible to significantly reduce the consumption and costs of various resources. For example, the need for heating energy directly depends on the heated area: the smaller the house, the lower amount of resources that is required.