Linda 25 m2

Lounge area

16,60 m²


13,50 m²

Mansards (pusstāvs)

5,25 m²

Building area

24,90 m²


4,60 m²

Total Area

38,40 m²

External sizes: 7500 mm (width) × 3500 mm (depth) × 3800 mm (height)

Choose to purchase only the basic set and construct the interior yourself. The basic house set consists of timber frame, including thermal insulation, unpainted plasterboard, windows, doors, facade and roof.

Technical description

Basic set

Floor panel

  • Timber frame construction C24, tongue and groove OSB
  • Thermal insulation – eco-wool
  • 9 mm wind barrier layer “Cembrit Windstopper”

Wall panel

  • Vertical external cladding boards with a fine sawn surface
  • Diffusion membrane
  • Timber frame construction C24
  • Thermal insulation – eco-wool
  • Vapour barrier membrane
  • Plasterboard for walls
  • Plasterboard for walls (WC room)

Roof structure

  • Roofing “Classic” (standard colours and coatings)
  • Drainage systems (standard paints and coating)
  • Timber frame construction C24
  • Diffusion membrane
  • Vapour barrier membrane
  • Thermal insulation
  • Plasterboard or cladding boards for the ceiling

Windows and doors

  • PVC windows and exterior doors with 3 panes of glass, white, without ventilation
  • Installation materials for windows and doors, including external metal window sills

Electric wiring

  • Built-in cables (in corrugated pipes) to sockets and luminaires
  • Distribution box for automatic switches

Thermal insulation

  • 200 mm floor insulation
  • 100 mm partition insulation
  • 250 mm roof insulation


  • “Stiebel Eltron” electric convectors

Water and sewerage

  • Built-in water supply
  • Water and sewer outlets to the foundations of the house.

Delivery and transport

  • Loading of building structures at the factory
  • Transport (delivery) to the construction site
  • Staff transport costs
  • Crane with operator

House till handing over the keys

Interior finishing materials

  • “Stiebel Eltron” electric convectors
  • Paint for walls and ceilings
  • Flooring: laminate or parquet, linoleum or tiles in the toilet
  • Skirting boards adjusted to laminate
  • Interior doors
  • Wooden stairs (if there is a second floor)
  • Exterior lighting

We offer for your comfort

  • Terrace construction
  • Canopy over the terrace

The offer “House till handing over of the keys” includes

  • Externally and internally finished house with finished interior walls and the facade of the house painted in the colour of customer’s choice.

  • The colours of the paint in the rooms can be adjusted, but the standard set includes white painted plasterboard or wooden board walls and ceilings.

  • Laminate floors in all rooms except the shower room. Fully equipped kitchen.

  • The shower room includes installing of tiled floor (the colour and shape of the tiles can be chosen), painted walls, fan, heated towel rail, shower cabin, etc.
  • All rooms have wall or ceiling luminaires, switches and sockets.

  • Electric cables and plumbing are installed in the module in accordance with European standards. Electricity is connected to the power distribution cabinet and checked before use.

  • Delivery time varies depending on the business of the production plant.

  • Legally, this house can be classified as a temporary house.

  • Fees for acquiring building permits and approving the design are not included.



“Skala Houses” guarantees that our modular houses comply with the construction standards of traditional construction.